Writing Team


Below is our editing, writing and podcast teams. You can click on each person individually to pull up their archives or contact them via the links below.

Editing Team

Oliver Connolly – Editor-In-Chief

Oliver Connolly is the Editor-In-Chief of Call to the Bullpen, a podcast host and contributor to MLB Advanced Media.

Contact; email – ollieconnolly12@gmail.com, twitter – @OllieUKEZ

Patrick Brewer – Managing Editor

Contact; email – patbrewbaseball@gmail.com, twitter – @PatrickBrewer93


Zach Bernard

Zach Bernard has been with Call to the Bullpen since September 2015, and is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A die-hard Cubs fan despite growing up on the South Side of Chicago, Zach has devoted much of his life to studying and learning more about baseball. While he broadcasted and covered Illinois State University Redbird baseball games in college, he focused more on his reporting chops, resulting in a master’s degree in public affairs reporting from the University of Illinois-Springfield in 2015. Still, Zach maintains his deep love of baseball, often writing sabermetric analyses of players and teams, foreign leagues, and social and political issues in the MLB.

Contact; @ZachBernardFW

Edward Overend


Matt Mirro

Matt Mirro is a student in New York State. A lifelong baseball fan and history buff, Matt has worked for a variety of websites and is now a contributor to Call to the Bullpen as well as Baseball Magazine. Matt has a love for the New York Yankees, international baseball and just a good story in general.

Contact; email – mattmirro@optonline.net, twitter – @Mirro_The_Ronin

Casey Boguslaw

Casey Boguslaw has been a writer for Call to the Bullpen since 2014. Casey lives in Elmhurst, a suburb outside of Chicago and is a big fan of the White Sox. He graduated from the University of Illinois and also writes about their basketball team. He is the co-host of the Bullpen Banter podcast.

Contact; email – casey.boguslaw@gmail.comtwitter – @CaseyBoguslaw 

Adam Brown

Contact; email – adambrown240592@gmail.com, twitter – @ABrown31

Anthony Rescan

Podcast Hosts

Brian Wright – Host “Baseball As It Was”

Contact; email – brian@baseballasitwas.com, twitter – @BrightWright86

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