An update on Call to the Bullpen

Please excuse the following elongated, self-indulgent explanation.


Since starting The Read Optional in January, Call to the Bullpen has lay dormant. During that time, I have received a number of great emails, tweets and messages from listeners and readers about what they would be getting from CTB.

Developing CTB from a solo podcast with my friend, into a blog, site, podcast network and affiliate with was an extremely fun trip that paved the way for my dream job; running a pro-football website, podcast network and scouting service, that prioritizes quality over quantity and never tries to fool the readers and listeners, rather build a community and inform.

The groundwork for that was all laid, originally at UKEndZone, but more prominently at CTB.  I met a bunch of like-minded individuals, with similar ideals and overwhelming talent that was yet to be fully displayed. As we were closing out our first year I was excited about what we could do. We had got an awful lot wrong, but just enough right to make me know we could do it properly.

During that time, I was seeking investment in my company, that ran UKEndZone and Call to the Bullpen. At both stops, I wanted to do everything at a higher level; get some full-time staff members, better equipment, have better content and launch new sites.

As I went through that process I expressed my vision and was offered a great opportunity to take my football column “The Read Optional” and build a website around it. It’s my dream job and allows me to focus year round on writing and talking about pro football and scouting for the NFL Draft.

When I made the decision and agreed to launch TRO I knew it would come at the expense of CTB. I couldn’t waste the opportunity, have a split focus, and put all my time and effort into the new venture which needed constant man hours to get the site and network staffed, built and launched before the Super Bowl. I also knew I had a great opportunity with and thought we could build something that was missing in the baseball market-place.

Since my decision I have been proud to see the work many of our writers, editors and podcasters have done. Many are over at Baseball Essential and just crushing it, Brian Wright continues to run one of the best podcasts around, Zach Bernard is still on his way to being a star and a couple of guys joined me over at TRO.

I want to thank everyone above for their hard work and it makes me really proud to read and listen to their work, knowing we had a crazy high hit-rate on extremely talented guys.

As the new season has begun, I have really missed writing and talking about baseball, particularly Pablo Sandoval’s fat face.  And I’m sure by now that Ed Overend is tired of my late-night text messages or hour long phone calls (sometimes we remember to hit record for a podcast) in which I eviscerate Clay Buchholz, or baseball doomsayers.

We had looked at some strategies to maintain CTB and build some momentum out of the winter meetings into the new year, but I couldn’t find a satisfactory fit.

So that’s where we are. In this weird place; where I wish I could do something but the realities of life have prevented it.


Now that I have all the boring shit out-of-the-way.

I have a want to write about baseball, I miss it, and have a platform to do it.

It will be on and off, a couple of blogs one week, then maybe non the next. But it will be something, and some content.

I’ll post a couple of blogs per week, post episodes of The Ed Overend Sports Podcast that involve heavy MLB talk, and one day (perhaps when I’m past the draft and had a holiday), I’ll return the daily rundown, and continue to pursue a unicorn who will co-host a daily Red Sox podcast.

So very soon you’ll see posts pining for Don Orsillo, talk of Pablo’s fat face, Bryce Harper GIFs, Pinot Grigio fuelled outrage, WRC+, REMDOG, and all the fake trades you could ever ask for.

Thank you once again to all our readers, listeners, writers, editors and podcasters and thank you for indulging this post that was far too long.



P.S. Miss you Don.


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