Interested in writing about or having a career in baseball? join Call to the Bullpen

Start your baseball writing career today
Start your baseball writing career today

Thank you for your interest in joining Call to the Bullpen.

We’re looking for talented, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial talent to join our writing staff, podcast and video team.


  •         Provide opinion and analysis pieces covering topics of interest around MLB and the baseball world.
  •         Opportunities to appear on the CTB Podcast.
  •         Minimum of three posts per week.
  •         Must demonstrate a strong understanding of the game and be to provide original outlooks and opinions.
  •         Must be able to meet deadlines and work with the team for set subject matter.
  •         Must be able to self-edit to an extremely high quality.
  •         Some sports writing experience required (exceptions can be made).

Joining Call to the Bullpen will give you an opportunity to join the sports writing world can be a stepping stone to a long career in broadcasting and journalism.

If you remain interested please email with a sample of your work (if available), an original piece and answers to following.

  •          What’s your previous experience?
  •          Which MLB team do you follow/support?
  •          What’s your favourite baseball memory?
  •          What is missing from the baseball podcasting/blogging world
  •          What’s your twitter handle/social media information?

After receiving all of this information we will evaluate your application and hope to speak to all who are initially successful within a couple of days via phone/skype.

Thank you once again,

Ollie Connolly – owner, USSportsMedia, writer,

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