Call to the Bullpen Takey Awards 2014

It’s that time of year to hand out some awards! Once again Ollie and Steven will sit down for an edition of the “Takey’s” and for the first time it’s our baseball and Call to the Bullpen edition. The guys will be handing out the original baseball awards; MVP’s, CY Young’s etc. Whilst YOU the audience will vote on many other awards including the “did he just do that” award and the “Albert Pujols, he isn’t as old as he claims he is” award. It’s one vote per person and the awards show will take place on Thursday the 9th of October.

*IF you have any nominees you’d like to add, or any ideas for other awards, drop them in the comment section below and all will be reviewed!

Best Brawl

Boston vs Tampa: 

Reds vs Cubs: 

Benches clear on Gomez slide: 

Ichiro hit by two pitches in one at bat: 

The “Albert Pujols” He’s older than he claims

The “Tony Gwynn” loss to baseball award

Tony Gwynn: 

Best ceremonial first pitch

Miss Texas: 

Military father surprises son: 

Fan first pitch: 

Nolan Ryan/Craig Biggio: 

Mo’ne Davis: 

101 year old grandma: 

Best catch in the stands

Padres ball girl: 

Fan catches ball with popcorn: 

Son can’t believe dad dropped ball: 

Best homerun

Giancarlo Stanton: 

Jorge Soler: 

Nelson Cruz: 

Mike Trout: 

Yasiel Puig: 

Did he just do that award

Young boy gives ball to pretty lady: 

Fan sleeps in stands: 

Marlins fan kind gesture: 

Verlander gives Kate Upton ball: 

Twins mascot catches ball in pants: 

Ron Washington resigns over affair: 

Yoennis Cespedes throw of the year feat. Yasiel Puig 

Cespedes throws out Kendricks: 

ANOTHER Cespedes throw: 

Yasiel Puig: 

Over the top Derek Jeter moment of the year


Make sure you cast your vote then click a link below to subscribe to listen to the 2014: Call to the Bullpen Takey awards.





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